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Episode 8: Tips in 10 with Chief Energy Officer, Larry Long Jr. 🔉

🔉 Are you ready to go from good to great? This episode's Tips in 10 guest, Larry Long Jr 🎤 Jr., will help you achieve that!

Larry’s the Founder and Chief Energy Officer of LLJR Enterprises. He serves people and teams across the globe with messages of motivation and inspiration to help them achieve transformation.

🔌 Everything he does revolves around positive energy. Heck, they call him the Chief Energy Officer for a reason!

Think about it: If you don’t have energy, you don’t have the drive to make your passion a reality. If you don’t have passion, you don’t have belief. If you don’t believe in yourself, others won’t believe in you.

🔥 You need to unleash the burning energy inside you to inspire, motivate and uplift those around you.

Larry will share his success (and setback) stories to help you level up your life.

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