25Apr 2024

Leveraging Strategic Business Lessons From Sports Coaching

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Are you ready to transform your business approach? My latest article, "Leveraging Strategic Business Lessons From Sports Coaching," reveals how lessons from the sports field can lead to significant wins in your business. Here's what you'll learn: Investment in Coaching: Even top athletes rely on coaches to enhance their game—your business might need that, too! Discover the value of bringing a coach into your professional life. Universal Leadership Principles: Great leadership skills are a game-changer, and they work across all industries. Learn how gathering insights from various fields can boost your strategy. Embracing Feedback: Step out of your comfort zone. Embracing honest feedback can catalyze growth and innovation in any business. Continuous Improvement: Inspired by Nick Saban's philosophy, the article underscores that success is a journey and [...]

16Dec 2021

Why You Should Diversify Your Business Portfolio As An Entrepreneur

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Want to learn more on how to expand your professional portfolio and open the door to more opportunities? Here are some helpful tips for diversifying your business as an entrepreneur. Diversification is essential for long-term success because it helps you handle the ebbs and flows of the business cycle. I experienced the brunt force of the downturn in 2008 as an owner of Big Sky Enterprises, a construction company, which was my only business at the time. Between 2008-2009, we went an entire year with ZERO revenue! Even worse, we weren’t prepared for it with sufficient savings. We were one month away from bankruptcy until we landed two shovel-ready projects out of nowhere. PTL! What a lesson this experience taught me.  Fast forward to 2016; Big Sky [...]

16Nov 2021

Pro Tips for Attracting Top Talent to Your Company

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Hiring top talent employees has always been important. A talented team can be more efficient, more creative, better leaders, and even the foundation of a business plan. But now that COVID has changed all of the dynamics of employer/employee relations let’s revisit how you can build that wildly successful team for your company. Look for Passion This is often the advice that gets more eyeball rolls than anything, but I stand by it being rule #1. And here’s why: Top employees know passion is a competitive advantage. They engage better; they learn more; they get excited. However, according to the Deloitte Shift Index Survey, a whopping 87% of employees don’t have a passion for what they do. The vast majority of employees – tragically – come to [...]

2Nov 2021

The Importance of a Buyer Persona in the Digital Age

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You have something you are selling. Maybe it’s a product, or perhaps it’s a service. Either way, it’s awesome. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be selling it. But why aren’t more people buying it? Is it overpriced? Should you spend more on advertising? Maybe you should knock on more doors. But which ones? Let’s start with the most obvious factor: pricing. It is always tempting to cut your price to accelerate sales. But cutting the price impacts your bottom line. You don’t have as much to pay your salespeople; you don’t have as much left for R&D; you don’t have as much left to advertise. At some point, you don’t have a business. And there’s that other message you are sending that your product is not worth what you [...]

29Oct 2021

7 Ways to Wow Your Customers With Superior Service

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Pat your back. You not only have customers, but you also have return customers. Most people would call that a successful business. And I don’t disagree. The more important question is, what do you do to make sure that continues to happen? How do we continue to create excited customers who don’t migrate toward the bargain-priced option in the industry? I believe the answer is simple: you become what is called “customer-centric.” You put the customer first and strive to always create a positive experience for them. The more important question is, how do you do that. How do you create that positive experience that prompts customers not only to come back but share with others how unique their experience was with you? Said in another way, [...]

27Oct 2021

Launching A Startup? Keep In Mind These Key Financial Tips

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One of the most frequent concerns – and let’s call them what they are: excuses – I hear to starting a small business or side hustle is the amount of money it will take. “But I don’t have enough money in the bank.” “I have debt. I can’t justify taking on more.” “Whoa! That’s way too risky for my pocketbook right now.” The truth is, nearly every successful entrepreneur can share a story about how he bootstrapped his way through the start. Mark Cuban famously admits to how he struggled early in his career. Not only did he share a three-bedroom apartment with six other guys – where he slept on the floor – he often came home to the power being cut off and had his [...]

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