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The Opposite Entrepreneur

003: Navigating Your Business through a Time of Crisis

In this episode, Ed Schack, owner of EES Cosmetics, shares how he is navigating his business through COVID-19. Schack explains what tactics he uses to ground himself, how he is communicating with his team, and what he is doing to go above and beyond for his customers during this time. Learn leadership tips that can help you navigate your team – big or small – during a time of crisis.

Ed Schack is the Owner of EES Cosmetic Solutions.  EES connects raw material suppliers with cosmetic industry customers to establish trusted relationships and do business together. Ed went into business with his wife Ellen in 2004 and quickly became a leader in the cosmetic supply space. Today, Ed shares how he is facing COVID-19 as a business owner and advice on how to lead your business through a storm.

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Gaining by Losing by J.D. Greear , Start With Why by Simon Sinek, Good to Great by Jim Collins, and Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis