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The Opposite Entrepreneur

016: Showing Up, Over-Deliver, and Over-Communicate with Chris Leggett

In this episode, Chris Leggett shares his story on how he went from swimming for American University to driving across the country to pursue his dreams in film production. His passion for film gave him the confidence to graduate from college, pack up his car, and head West to California with his college buddy. For the first few months, he slept in his car, drove back and forth from Los Angeles to San Diego to make ends meet. At the time he was working upwards of 16 hours a day, juggling two jobs, but little did he know he was on the fast track to fulfilling his goals of being a film producer. As co-producer of the Amazon original, Honey Boy, Chris Legget is now co-owner of Delirio Films and is the epitome of finding your purpose.

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