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022: Everything Commitment and Communication with Bishop John Edmondson

Bishop John Edmondson, Pastor, and Founder of Victory in Christ Church Christian Center joined us to talk about the importance of commitment and communication.

From a young age, Bishop John was given the opportunity to find his internal strength and perseverance for challenging situations. What many people would call “unfortunate,” he considers learnable lessons. He shares his story on how the challenges he was faced with were a sign of what he can handle. More importantly, those situations are what molded him into the leader he is today.

After college, Bishop John dedicated himself to full-time ministry. He was determined to reach the masses opened the doors to  Victory in Christ Christian Center with his high school sweetheart, Pastor Isha Edmondson. Bishop John is here to talk about sustaining relationships, never fearing change, and holding leadership in the community.

This is an episode you won't want to miss… 👀

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