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031: The Power of Mindset: How to Transform Your Work/Life Balance and Find Your Why

The Opposite Entrepreneur Podcast (hosted by Mike Regina) is joined by entrepreneur, transformational coach, and author Joel Primus. His passion is helping entrepreneurs and executives cultivate balance on their path to personal and professional success.

Joel has competed as a runner at world championships, built international brands, co-founded a Nasdaq-listed company, and raised millions of dollars for start-ups. At the beginning of his journey, he found himself consumed by the business world, leaving no time for himself or his family. It wasn't until he was in the hospital he realized something had to give. That's when he knew it was time to shift his mindset and create a sustainable lifestyle where he can grow as an entrepreneur without sacrificing himself.

He shares invaluable lessons on finding your why, how to implement objective-based marketing, and breakthrough boundaries to take your career to new heights!

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