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032: How to Shift and Pivot in Business with Shark Tank Alumni Stephan Aarstol

The Opposite Entrepreneur Podcast (hosted by Mike Regina) is joined by a well-known author, entrepreneur, and founder of Tower Stand Up Paddle Boards, Stephan Aarstol.

Stephan discusses his journey of trial and error through multiple business ventures. His success and triumphs were honored in Entrepreneur, Forbes, and he is represented at the Harvard Business School. In this episode, Stephan dives into his experience on the popular TV show Shark Tank. He speaks on the 5-hour workday experiment he designed, strategies to increase your productivity, and the importance of patience as an entrepreneur.

Stephan is an Ecommerce disruptor and well-known entrepreneur out in San Diego, California. His entrepreneurial journey in Ecommerce began during the peak of the direct-to-consumer business boom. He went from selling poker chips to paddleboards when he realized how expensive it was to start a new hobby. Since then, he has become a pioneer in the Ecommerce industry. He teaches us the importance of diversification in business and how to pivot and adapt when your business goes south.

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