16Sep 2021

The Essential Guide to Creating SMART Goals and How To Write Them

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We’ve covered how you can find C.L.A.R.I.T.Y. in your career path. But once you have that clarity and have a long-term goal in mind, the next step is to set up shorter-term goals. Why? Because shorter-term goals give you direction and a sense of accomplishment along the way. They become your plan to accomplish the long-term goals you have. So let’s spend a moment to walk through how you can make excellent goal-setting part of your arsenal. Once again, there’s an acronym to help you remember what matters: you need to set S.M.A.R.T. goals. The first step is to make your goals Specific. Thinking of your long-term goal, what specific steps do you need to implement to get there? For example, if your long-term goal is to [...]

1Sep 2021

How to Gain Clarity When You Feel Stuck in Your Current Career

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You know this moment well. We’ve all been here countless times. You are in the early stages of a conversation with someone, and the universal, inevitable question comes up: “So… What do you do?” Aside from the fact that we all wish we weren’t defined by a job (yes, our beautiful, complex beings are much more than just a reflection of a job), I want you to think today about how you react to that question. Do you freeze? Do you generalize? Do you share a few details and hope the conversation is redirected? Or are you one of the few who is so excited to share, you light up inside? If you aren’t a person who lights up inside when describing your occupation, the more important [...]

20Aug 2021

Looking Forward: Three Steps to Keep Your Eyes on Success

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This is my third blog article in a series about my favorite topics: failure and the mindset you need when overcoming it. But you won’t see the word failure in this title. That’s because we will finish this series focusing on what you can take away from failure – success, and stories to share. I’ve previously written about what it means to have a Growth Mindset and how you can view failures as a positive – by Failing Forward. After you have begun to view your trials and failures as assets – and I genuinely believe failures should be viewed that way – you are ready to build on those assets and share their value with others. You can use these three steps to get there. Step [...]

13Aug 2021

Failing Forward: Why Failure is Important for Success

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I’ve previously written about what it means to have a “Growth Mindset" in my last blog, "How to Fail Forward with a Growth Mindset Professionally and Personally." Those who view obstacles and failures as opportunities to grow have a distinct advantage over those with a “fixed mindset,” characterized by a fraught ability to move on after failures. But more importantly, how can we implement a growth mindset? And if you think you already have one, what can you do to sharpen that critical skill? Let’s look at how to take failures with the seriousness they deserve but still “put them in their place” as building blocks rather than mental hurdles. Don’t Regret Action One of the most common reactions to failure is to regret even trying. Let’s address [...]

3Aug 2021

How to Fail Forward with a Growth Mindset Professionally and Personally

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How to Fail Forward? “Adopt a Growth Mindset.” “Leave your fixed mindset behind and take on a growth mindset.” "Failure is not an option." "Failure is not an option." We’ve all heard these quips before and likely spent less than a minute contemplating what they mean. On the surface, the advice seems simple: you either feel stuck—fixed—or you grow. Not much else to understand, right? On the contrary, I believe it should be every business executive’s goal to spend some time thinking about what these terms mean and how they can be applied in their lives and leadership because these terms aren’t just about growing versus standing still. They are about one of my favorite subjects: failure. Let’s start by reviewing how these two characterizations of mindsets [...]

15Jun 2021

Is Your Networking Circle Elevating Your Success? If Not, This Is For You.

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  Our goal of this series is to create a culture of connection by forming relationships that elevate your success. In the first blog, Show Me Your Friends, and I’ll Show You Your Future. How to Build Strategic Relationships and Networks, you created a personalized framework of what you need in a networking circle in order to grow. Then you used the framework to identify how you can create a culture of success by forming your circle in the second blog, Outgrowing Your Networking Circle? Do This to Create an Environment for Success. In this final part of my “Show me your circle, I’ll show you your future” series, I will discuss the ongoing review of that circle—the relationship circle: both personally and professionally. We need to take responsibility for [...]

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