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Episode 24: Tips in 10 with Creative Visionary Joel Primus 💡

🎙 On this episode of Tips in 10 you’ll hear from Joel Primus. A father, serial entrepreneur, creative visionary, filmmaker and author of Get Naked: The Bare Necessities of Entrepreneurship & Start-ups.

Joel is dedicated to helping executives and entrepreneurs blaze their own path by creating a sustainable lifestyle. He focuses on the power of mindset and how it reinforces our most intimate ideas, attitudes, and self-esteem. 💡

When he was younger, Joel was an avid runner, representing Canada in the World Youth Games until he got hurt and couldn’t fulfill this passion anymore.

…But something grew from this setback, the start of his company, Naked apparel. ↗️

What was once an idea founded in his living room office turned into a well-known underwear company landing its name on the Nasdaq Stock Market. While Joel gained so much from Naked, he lost his sense of well-being and the most important relationships around him. That’s when Joel decided to make a change to the way he was living his life. 

🏆 He is now the co-founder of Kosan, a travel clothing company which launched one of the most successful Kickstarter apparel products of all time—reaching nearly $1 million in sales in 30 days. 

Join me as we listen to Joel share his journey on embracing vulnerability, overcoming life’s crazy curveballs and tips on how you can stay consistently creative.

⏰ Tune in every other Wednesday at noon EST.

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