We are excited to launch the start of Millennial Minute! Millennial Minute will be an ongoing video series where Jazmin, our resident Millennial, will discuss various aspects of business life from the mindset of her generation and the younger Gen-Z college graduates. At various times, we will add Mike’s perspective as Generation X to deliver two different perspectives on the same topics.

For the launch, we are running a 3-part series geared to newly-graduated college students to help them maneuver through the intimidating labyrinth of landing that first job. We want to help you break out!

Coming from these two points of view, Mike and Jaz share their individual experiences and thoughts to speak to the most sought-after generation employers are targeting: 20 and 30 somethings. 

For the first part of the series, we tackle what we have all been through:

How do you get a job without any experience?  

  • Put out as many resumes to as many opportunities with intention
  • Hyperfocus on creating a mindset of setting yourself apart
  • Raise your hand for any opportunity. Prepare to show them how and why you are ALL IN. 

“To get what you never had, do things you’ve never done.” 

Make your resume jump out

  • Does it look like every other resume? Does it have tremendous content? Is it well-written? What will make you stick out? 
  • Highlight your accomplishments and show why you are unique
  • Don’t be stuck in a script just because you think your resume is supposed to look a certain way

“Watch the masses and do the opposite” 

We all know a well-written resume is important. Do what you can to set yourself apart and lay a strong foundation through your resume.

  • Explain in detail why you are interested in that opportunity
  • Give real-world examples of why you are unique
  • Share personal interests and explain why these will intersect with that opportunity

Go for an opportunity that has 3-5 years experience even though you don’t have it!

  • Employers may put 3-5 years of experience on their job listing, but many people get hired without it
  • Don’t get stuck looking at requirements, and assume that just because you don’t check all the boxes, you won’t get the job. 
  • Don’t disqualify yourself out of fear or intimidation and not even try!

Have the eagerness to develop skills and show a willingness to learn. Showing up with that mindset will propel you forward and elevate you. Interviewers will see this and be impressed. “They will see that as the company grows, you are willing to grow and change with the company.” – Jaz

We hope you all find this new exciting series helpful and insightful!  What are your thoughts? Tell us below!

“A good employer is looking to hire the person — and not just the position”