Today, we are posting the last piece of our 3-part Millennial Minute series about How do you get a job without experience?

We all have social media, and we all use it. So is it acceptable to use social media to inquire about a job? 

Social media is a great way to engage with companies. These platforms hold a wealth of information available at anytime and anywhere to dive deeper into a company. You can learn about a company’s culture, mission, brand voice, and how the employees engage all on social media. This is a great place to begin company exploration. 

After you have done your deep dive and you have found a company that sparks your interest, the next step is to find your dream job at that company and apply right? Before you slide into the DM’s of the company’s page, freeze those fingertips from hitting send. We are going to save you from a major faux pas:

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  1. How often does the company actively engage on this platform? If they only post once or twice a year, the chances of someone seeing your message is slim. 
  2. How does the company use each platform? Every platform is different. View each platform that the company has on social media. Do they differ from one another? If so, which one provides company updates and job openings? Use discernment to find the most appropriate platform before inquiring about an opening. 
  3. When you inquire about a position through social media, be personal, but professional. You do not need to write out your entire a resume or cover letter through a message on LinkedIn or Facebook. It is simply your foot in the door to get an introduction. 

Make sure you are reaching out intentionally and wisely.

You may also choose to connect with employees of a company you are interested in pursuing. LinkedIn would be the most appropriate platform for this type of networking – there is a time and place for Instagram DMs, but be careful not to go rogue and slide into the DM of a stranger without context. All employees on LinkedIn are not going to be decision makers. However, they could have influence with people who do and you can learn more about the company culture after connecting with them. Do not be afraid to ask about the company and even for an introduction. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!

If you are inquiring about a job on social media, be aware of what you are posting on your social media sites.

“It (social media) is the first thing we look at when we are hiring a person!” — MIKE

If you reach out on social media, make sure everything you have been posting is appropriate for a potential employer’s eyes.Remember also that they can go back into your history as well, so all your posts need to be buttoned-up from a professional standpoint. 

Always keep in mind what kind of content you have on your social media pages, and be intentional about every post you make! Your social media is your resume!

“Keep in mind what kind of content you have on your platform. It needs to be professional. It is a representation of yourself. Clean those things up!” — JAZ

You need to protect your future and your legacy online, so now is a great time to start reviewing and editing what you have posted!

Make yourself stand out!

Social media can be a fantastic way for you to show potential employers the many sides of your personal and professional life. Being smart about what you post not only makes you shine in the eyes of potential employers, but it will help you carve a public identity showing the best version of yourself. 

We fully believe you can get a job without 3-5 years experience! We hope you enjoyed this series and that you are on your way to an exciting future with purpose and direction!

“You’re not just a number. Don’t sell yourself short — believe in yourself. Go for it!” — JAZ  

Thoughts? Tips? Share below!