I embrace failure. 

I know that sounds counterintuitive, but it’s the truth. I look at failure as a way to see things I didn’t see the first time around. When I go at it again — and chances are I will —  I am far more prepared.

Now, I’m not saying that that failure is easy to get through. Just like you, I have to deal with the feelings of ego-crushing disappointments when a failure happens. Clearly, I hadn’t planned to fail. But, for reasons that I then uncover, I did. But, whatever. I get back up. 

Make no mistake: I know it’s a struggle to break through to the other side of failure. No question. But here’s the thing: it’s during that struggle that I take a step back, reassess, and go back to the basics of the Health Trifecta. For me, that is how I refocus on my core beliefs and regroup. 

The Health Trifecta is the tool you need to weather any storm coming your way. And, trust me, storms will come. But, the more you focus on the Health Trifecta, the better you will weather tough times and get back on track.

For the last two weeks, I’ve been talking to you about the importance of getting on board with The Health Trifecta blog series. We focused our first blog in this series on the easiest component of the Health Trifecta: your Physical Health. In our second blog in this series, we dove into the most challenging piece: your Mental Health. 

Today, I will close out the series with maybe the most personal, private component: your Spiritual Health.

When I started the series, I explained my daily routine, including getting up at 3 am and then having my quiet time, including prayer and devotional. I only brushed upon this in that blog, as I wanted to focus on the physical.

But, make no mistake: only giving it a few quick words in describing my daily routine does not diminish the significance of this time. My daily Bible studies and prayers represent the foundation of my upcoming day and my entire life.

“The Health Trifecta is the foundation of not only my business, family, and friendships, it is the foundation of my well-being and relationship with my faith.”

Today we will wrap up the Health Trifecta by talking about spirituality.

You can gain powerful insight from any religious practice. I am not here to preach to you my beliefs, but I will share personal experiences on how my faith is the foundation of my mindset and habits. My faith is not considered a religion but a relationship

My church community has been an anchor of mine and my family’s life too. I can’t imagine not having my relationship with Jesus Christ and expanding my knowledge through Bible studies. I am very fortunate to have the successes that I have accumulated, and my faith was vital in getting me there. 

I am a Christian. I decided to dedicate my life to God 20 years ago, and for me, it was the best decision I have ever made. However, many of my friends are not Christian, and I accept them equally for their beliefs and thoughts.

“A cornerstone of doing all of this is to inspire and encourage everyone to be the highest version of themselves.”

We are living in an extremely fast-paced world, and, for me, having my relationship with Jesus is increasingly important. 

So, let’s get to it. What is spirituality? For me, the word I use in prayer

Prayer, for me, is communication with God where I give adoration, share my transgressions, offer thanksgiving, and pray for others' needs. It is humbling knowing I'm conversing with someone who created me.

So, where to begin? 

Get out a pen and piece of paper one more time, and let’s wrap up the trifecta! 

“Remember, the goal of this is to find a place to refuel yourself.”

Think about where you are spiritual. What are the concrete goals you have? Is it to further your practice and search for a religion that suits your needs like mine does for me? Going deeper into scripture writings is a strategy that may work for you. Only you know what this answer is. Write it down. 

There is no “end” game for faith. It is a seed that will eventually sprout and grow into a robust tree, with many branches, leaves, flowers, and fruits. And, yes, I do believe we can all get to that point. Instead of focusing on that beautiful tree in the future, though, focus on a “daily” ritual. Faith isn’t a race that has a finish line. It is a journey that will expand. But, you need to start with turning your goals into action.

Faith is a way of living. Along the way, though, you do need to be conscious about flexing your spiritual muscles daily, weekly, monthly. If you want to start exploring different churches, remember it takes time to check each out. You need to attend services. You need to engage with the pastor. You need to meet some of the congregation. You need to build relationships within the church to make sure you surround yourself with a like-minded community. This will take some time. Factor this into your planning. 

Take a very few profound moments and think about the three trifecta pieces — the physical, the mental, and the spiritual. Be conscious and honest with yourself. The last exercise I am giving you is to put in order which component is the most comfortable and which is the least. 

“Be careful not to gravitate to which part of the trifecta is easiest.”

I challenge you to start with the piece of the Health Trifecta that makes you the most uncomfortable. Are you going to get it in a week? Of course not. But you are on the path to changing your entire life. One shovelful of dirt will eventually become a mountain with conscious daily commitment and dedication. But, in a few short months, you could start to see life-altering changes truly.

The Health Trifecta are three foundational pillars of true success and peace in your world. I challenge you to commit to all three consciously. With this commitment, you are guaranteeing yourself a more enriched, successful life. Why wouldn’t you want that?

Now, go forth and conquer!