There are two words I never say. Those words are – ” I Can't.” I'm not kidding. You will never hear me say those words.

As a kid, my parents empowered me to do anything that I put my mind to. They allowed me to make mistakes and learn many lessons the “hard way.” This was on purpose, because they knew as an adult no one would be there to hold my hand. They knew that having an empowered mindset would allow me to learn from my own experiences. This taught me to truly embrace failure.

Below, I share how eliminating the words “I Can't” from YOUR vocabulary can be liberating both personally and professionally. (PLUS I share what two words you should replace them with!)

Have you caught yourself saying “I Can’t” – assuming you had a daunting task ahead (that may or not been something created by your own fear)?

You can stop the negative self-talk and create a new, empowered mindset with just new two words.

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